Change of Scenery Release Date!

Posted 01 September 2010   News

OK! Here it is! After working on the new album for just short of 2 years, we finally have a release date for it! We are so excited that we able to share this music with you guys and we really hope you all like it. We put a lot of hard work and time into it and we are just happy to show you guys. So thank you all for waiting patiently to hear it! The good thing is, the wait is almost over! So without further ado, the release date for “Change of Scenery” is…..

“September 7th, 2010”

It will be available on all online markets such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Zune Marketplace, etc. Although the times for the different online stores may vary, the music has been uploaded to the various sites and the rest is in the hands of the companies that are putting our music online for your ears. So if you don’t see it online on Sept. 7th, don’t fret, because it might take a little longer for certain stores to get it online….But because they vary, you might see our new music online a little earlier than Sept. 7th, so keep an eye out for it! We will update you all when we know it’s live for you to purchase, so keep checking back to both our new website and our facebook for more info.

Also, as of right now, we are selling it only online, but we will have physical copies with packaging (for those of you who do not like buying music digitally) for sale later on in the next month or two. You will be able purchase those copies on our new online store which is on our new website. We will let you know when those are available!

So thank you again for sticking with us and holding out for the new music. We really hope you all enjoy it when you hear it and hopefully we will see you in concert in a town near you! Keep checking back for more news regarding new merch (t-shirts, pictures, and of course music!) , new videos, new blogs and anything else we can think of!

Thank you,



  1. I cannot wait! I’m so EXCITED FOR THIS CD!!!!

    Posted by Skye on 01 September 10 at 11:55pm
  2. Can’t wait! for the CD! need to get you all to play here in Del Rio TX!

    The Del Rio Group!

    Posted by Josh on 03 September 10 at 11:12pm
  3. can’t wait to buy it… i will wait for the physical one!

    Posted by Amanda on 04 September 10 at 8:12am
  4. I’m so excited! Ive been waiting for this ever since you guys released Perfect. Its gonna be amazing! Can’t wait!

    Posted by Sal on 05 September 10 at 8:19am
  5. Yay! 🙂

    Posted by Breanna on 05 September 10 at 8:21am
  6. Yeah!!! I’ve been waiting for you guys to say that. Can’t wait to buy it!!!

    Posted by Rachel on 06 September 10 at 9:54pm
  7. heyyyyyyyyy hello guys thi sis amazon cd

    Posted by fannrg on 10 September 10 at 4:53pm
  8. I am so glad you guys released your new album! I just have one question, are you still going to have a Christian message in your music like when you were part of Jump5?

    Posted by Callie Conklin on 10 March 11 at 11:30pm