Welcome to the NEW guestlive.com

Posted 01 Sep 2010   News

Well we figured it was time for a change… Our online presence was getting a little boring and with all of the new things we are working on, we figured we should spice things up a bit and change up our look. So welcome to the NEW guestlive.com

Here you will find all kinds of info that you need for guest. such as blogs, pictures, videos, music, show information, and our brand new online merch store! We are still working on it, but we figured that you could take a look at it now! For those fans who visit our site regularly, you have seen a sneak peek at our new site, but for everyone else, it is up and ready to go! So come look around and see what is new! Again, the site is still under construction so keep that in mind. We are having some problems with Internet Explorer, but all other web browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) are working correctly.  We are on the problem though!

Enjoy the new look and make sure to bookmark www.guestlive.com to see the latest news about us!