The CD is here!!

Posted 07 September 2010   News

Hey everybody,

Just letting you know that the new CD, Change of Scenery, is now available online on iTunes! You can check it out, HERE. We are so thankful that all of you have stuck with us waiting for us to put out this new record so we really hope you all like it! We are having some trouble with Amazon MP3 right now, so until we work out what is going with them, please check out the record on iTunes and Zune Marketplace!

Again, thank you for guys for everything! Go check out the new music and let us know what you think!



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  1. Hey guest! I just wanna say congratz on your new CD! Its AWESOME! I’m very happy for you guys! But can you also put up the lyrics to some of your songs? I like to sing along but I can’t do that because everytime I’m singing one of your songs I always sound like I’m mumbling! lol xD Well I just wanted to know if you would do that for me and some of your other fans out there.

    God Bless

    Posted by Jared Lee on 13 September 10 at 6:34pm