We’re on the Radio

Posted 31 March 2011   News

Hey guys,

So sorry it’s been so long since we’ve updated the site. Things have been in wedding mode for myself for the past couple of months and I feel bad for not connecting with you all! Thank you guys so much for sticking around and supporting us. I can’t believe I’m about to get married in about 17 days! This is crazy! Anyway, we have been busy but I just wanted to let you all know that we are so excited about our new single “How Did I” that has started playing on radio stations around you! We “released” the single last month and we are so happy that it is out there on the air! Thank you so much to the people who are playing it! If you guys haven’t heard it yet on a station near you, please call in, email, or however you can contact the station and REQUEST it! Just ask for them to play, “How Did I” by “guest.” and hopefully they know what you are talking about 🙂


We appreciate all of your help and support and we hope to come to a town near you! Stay tuned! Also, don’t forget…if you haven’t already checked out the record “Change of Scenery”, you can buy it digitally on iTunes here, or you can grab a physical copy on our Online Merch Store here


Thanks! See you soon.