Posted 25 Aug 2010

New Pictures Added

So our latest photo shoot was a success! We got some cool shots on the roof of a building in downtown Nashville. We had a blast shooting up there and the photographers were great! We worked with Phil Earnest and Joe Gomez and they came up with some really neat pictures. We have uploaded some of the shots we... Continue »
Posted 25 Aug 2010

guest. official store!

Check out our official store! Continue »
Posted 24 Aug 2010

Photo Shoot

Ahhh it has been awhile since we have done something like this… We are about to head over to do a photo shoot in Downtown Nashville for our new record which is supposed to come out hopefully soon! We haven’t done a photo shoot in a very long time so hopefully we still remember how to smile 🙂 We... Continue »
Posted 21 Aug 2010

Back to Work

Ok guys, vacation is over! I am back home and ready to get back to work. We are trying to finish this new website and store to get it ready for you all, and I realize that even though it hasn’t “released” yet, you guys can still “see” it, so this post is for the few of you 🙂... Continue »
Posted 07 Aug 2010


So this summer has been extremely busy so far. We finished our first record after 2 long years, we are trying to put together a show with all the new material, and we are doing a complete redesign of our entire online presence! It has been an exciting year! But at the moment, I am enjoying a much needed... Continue »
Posted 06 Aug 2010

New Music!

Hey everyone, The CD is finished! Finally after 2 long years, we have completed our first full length album! It is called “Change of Scenery” and it has 13 tracks on it. We are currently working on packaging and distribution for the record, so hopefully it will be in your hands (and ears) soon! We will let you know... Continue »
Posted 02 Aug 2010

New Album

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